This project’s full title is Information literacy for democratic engagement. Running from October 2016 to January 2017, it aimed:

  1. To evaluate how Community Councillors (1) access and understand information on their duties and rights; (2) keep up to date with local developments of relevance to the communities that they serve; and (3) disseminate information to their communities, and to identify where future efforts need to be directed to improve the skills and practices of this group.
  1. To test and validate a proposed model of information literacy for lifelong learning (Irving, Hall & Brettle, 2015).
  1. To investigate the role of public library staff in the training of Community Councillors, as well as broader issues related to communities, social capital, and citizenship.

The project’s stakeholder report (PDF) was published in January 2017. It is intended to be read by community councillors and those interested in their success, including the Improvement Service, community council liaison officers and public library staff who support the work of community councils.

Blog posts about this project can be accessed here. The project sponsor’s post about this project is here.